For high cycle times:

our high-performance nutrunner

Our nutrunner with automatic feed system via a profiled tube has  been specially  developed for the automatic handling and fitting of nuts in series production. This STÖGER nutrunner boasts a suitability for high-volume production and a quality that can be documented. Our nutrunner meets the highest quality requirements and scores with its operating reliability in any working position. Due to its variably adjustable screw set it can be integrated in any existing system even where space is restricted.

Three different models. Individual solutions.

Our high-performance nutrunner is available in three different models: with electronically controlled centering needle, with spring-loaded centering needle or in a vacuum version for exact positioning of the nut on the work piece. Depending on the customer’s requirements either pneumatic or electric drives can be used. We are thus able to provide the technically optimal solution for any type of nut.

CAD data