KOLIBRI, the high performance automatic screwdriver for miniature screws

for efficient high-level production processes

With the KOLIBRI - an automatic screwdriver for miniature screws with an automatic feed unit - a screwdriving system has been developed, which perfectly satisfies the demand for high cycle times with the automatic feeding of micro screws.

The device

In the basic version, the KOLIBRI consists of 2 screwdriver spindles, a bar magazine, process control and an integrated feed unit. Due to the extremely good size/power ratio of the drive, the distance between the two screwdriver spindles is very small. The complete screwdriving unit with feeder unit and controller in the version for transfer systems requires a base area of less than 0.4 m2 and is therefore the most space-saving unit of its kind. 

The screwing process

The cycle rate is almost doubled through the use of 2 screwdriver spindles. As such, cycle times of < 0.8 seconds with torques of less than 0.05 Nm are possible. In parallel to the screwing process, the screws are made available in a buffer section. The magazine automatically loads again in 1.5 sec., the filling process itself takes just a fraction of a second.

Applications and models

The KOLIBRI can be used in transfer systems and as a screwing cell with manual equipment, or it can be operated as a modified version on robots.

All advantages at one glance

+ For screws from M1

+ Cycle times from 0.8 sec.

+ Space-saving due to intelligent design

+ Quality enhancement due to verifiability of the screw connection

+ Screwing with reference to the parameters screw-in depth, torque and angle of rotation possible

+ Virtually maintenance-free systems

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