Individual solutions: Automatic screwdriving systems

Assembly automation for series production

STÖGER automatic screwdrivers and feed units with integrated control units provide sophisticated technical features that make them stand out as economic and easy-to-operate tools in the automation sector. Our screwdrivers ensure results that can be documented and thus guarantee high efficiency and serviceability, which makes them highly suitable for a wide variety of possible applications in series production and for customised assembly automation in plant engineering.

Your advantage:

  • short cycle times
  • easy to service due to superior design
  • reliable even under constant operation in series production processes due to advanced technology
  • high availability due to quick tool change
  • efficient working  due to firmly protruding screw
  • careful handling of the work piece and ergonomic operation due to automatic bit stroke
  • different drives with or without process analysis possible
  • GAP Control measuring tool for checking the screw head contact to work piece surface

Use our configurator or talk to one of our staff members to find the best solution for your specific application.

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