Automated setting of b&m-KL PLUG®s

Award-winning allrounder

The setting unit with force-displacement measurement is designed for fully automatic processing of b&m-KL PLUG®s. The load cell with a measurement accuracy of only 0.5% allows highly accurate monitoring of the setting process up to a force of 25kN. The cycle time for a setting process is 5-7 seconds. The system can be used stationary, in transfer systems, turntable systems, on positioning systems or robot systems. The b&m-KL PLUG®s are filled as bulk material in a feed system and automatically fed to the setting unit in the correct position via a flexible feed hose.



The automated process of setting a b&m-KL PLUG® is entirely monitored. STÖGER setting systems KLB for b&m-KL PLUG®s are thus suitable for transfer lines, turn table and positioning systems as well as robots. STÖGER setting systems feature technical details such as integrated feed stroke with displacement-measuring system, controlled servo drive for all functions, a load cell for monitoring the drawing force, an automatic check of the thread before and after the setting process, a superior multi-function control system with touch-screen based guided operation, rivet feeding through a flexible hose and optional increments.

b&m-KL Plug®s are often installed in thermal management systems in electric vehicles. You can find more about the sealing plugs here

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