channel feeder 100 – no vibration, no abrasion

100% feeding of all true-to-size screws

The STÖGER channel feeder 100 is a leader among automatic feed systems for screws. This feed unit has been developed by STÖGER AUTOMATION in order to meet the enhanced requirements for cleanliness during sensitive production processes. The channel feeder 100 finds particular use in clean room applications such as in the electronic and automotive industry, aviation and medical technology or applications that require high cycle times. Its special design means that neither vibration nor sorting air is necessary to transport the screws. Each screw is sorted only once and immediately fed into the screwdriving system.

Screws are fed via a belt conveyor from the hopper to a channel where they are correctly positioned. A part of the channel serves as a buffer. Depending on the filling level a signal regulates the supply of screws to the conveyor belt so that there is no system-based oversupply of screws to the belt. No screw is processed multiple times in the sorting loop. Consequently no abrasion or contamination is produced.

Even micro-encapsulated, coated or lubricated screws can be processed without affecting the proper function or performance of the system.

While conventional systems have a noise level of approx. 75dbA, the channel feeder 100 generates less than 60 dbA.

Up to 400 screws can be sorted per minute, 5 times more than the performance of conventional systems. The channel feeder 100 can supply several screwdriving units simultaneously with screws without any performance shortfall. Foreign objects or incorrectly sized screws are automatically removed without interrupting the feeding process.

The hopper can be automatically completely emptied in a very short time, which is essential for tool changes or for carrying out maintenance works at the feed unit.

All advantages at one glance:

  • 100% of all screws can be fed
  • each screw is sorted only once
  • no forming of particles, no abrasion
  • no vibration
  • quiet (<60dbA)
  • fast processing: up to 400 screws/min.
  • automatic removal of foreign particles or incorrectly sized screws
  • complete emptying of the screw hopper for maintenance or quick and easy tool change

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