Automatic feeding for all types of fastening elements

precise and fast: automatic feed systems by STÖGER AUTOMATION

No matter which connecting element: STÖGER feed units ensure a trouble-free supply of the fastener to hand-held screwdrivers, automatic screwdrivers and other systems at any time. Our feed systems advantageously operate with short cycle times of up to 100 fastening elements per minute. Depending on their properties our prime quality systems come in various sizes, capacities and models.

Automated assembly - reliable and up-to-date

STÖGER feed units are fast and reliable systems for automated assembly. Our feed units provide a fill level control and a hopper for automatic refilling of the system, as well as a detachable acoustic cover for reducing the noise level and ensuring quick access. Our systems are perfectly suited for feeding even the smallest screws, or screws with a sensitive surface or coating.           

Your advantages:

  • distance between screwdriver and feed unit of more than 10 m possible
  • acoustic cover for noise reduction, detachable for quick access
  • singling mechanism: smooth transfer between output rail and single screw selecting mechanism
  • extremely efficient due to quick maintenance without tools
  • high cycle times of up to 100 fasteners per minute

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