Product overview: Special fasteners

Screwdriving stations

We design and manufacture customised assembly cells, screwdriving stations and systems for manual work stations for automated and semi-automated assembly. Other operational steps, before or after the fastening process, can be integrated, such as lubricating, adhesive bonding or machining the work piece, scanning of bar codes or prinitig of labels, etc.

Feel free to contact us - we will be pleased to develop an optimum solution for you.

Special applications

We design individual solutions for almost any application, with respect to technical specifications and regulations for operating equipment. Thus, many of our products are the result of successful customised developments.

Once the machine has been designed and built, we offer to support commissioning or integration into existing systems as well as production assistance.

Feel free to contact us - we will be pleased to develop an optimum solution for you.

Screwdriving units for studs

  • suitable for studs
  • studs without recess / slot (application of force)
  • double-threaded bolts (with collar)
  • threaded sleeves or bushings
  • CAD-files on request

Driving unit for coil thread inserts

  • suitable for coil thread inserts (also called Helicoil® or CoilThread)
  • no feeding from a magazine necessary

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