Flow-drilled screw connections -

an innovative connecting technology for metal sheets

The screwdriver for flow drilling screws is a unique system: While being screwed into the work piece, the flow drilling screw cuts the thread itself after having formed a flow drilling funnel. The automatic screwdriver for flow drilling screws by STÖGER  comes with an automatic feeding system and a control unit, which controls and documents the entire screwdriving process. It is also suitable for use in robotic systems. Quick bit change and the unclamping and disconnecting of the feed arm without the use of any tools make it highly efficient in automated production processes.

Innovative feature for flawless surfaces of battery lids and other sensitive surfaces

The latest feature, angle offset compensation, is particularly suitable for screwing batteries for electromobility, as it is important to avoid corrosion that can occur if the surface of the battery cover is damaged. Since enormous process forces of up to 4,000 N are generated during flow drilling, the robot is pushed away against the screwing direction by the counterforce generated when screwing with conventional screwdriving systems. This displaces the screw axis and causes the downholder to move. This causes the hold-down device on the surface of the battery cover to be displaced sideways and damage the surface. The novel, patent-pending, angle offset compensation prevents the sliding on the surface.

Screwdriving stations become significantly more economical

In conventional screwdriving systems for flowdrilling screws, robots with a payload of 360 kg or more are used to keep the deflection of the robot as low as possible and thus minimise pushing. When using our screwdriving system with angle offset compensation, robots with a significantly lower payload can be used. This significantly reduces the costs for the system.

For technical background information and CAD drawings have a look at our configurator. Feel free to consult us for advice regarding your specific application of an automatic screwdriver for flow drilling screws.

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