Congratulations to staff member on his 10th anniversary

On day of the company Christmas party traditionally all staff members celebrating their “round” anniversaries are honoured. This year, Uwe Naber was congratulated for having been with STÖGER for 10 years. Ever since he joined STÖGER in October 2004 he has been in charge of the technical documentation. We thank him cordially for his commitment!

By the way: 2013 was a special year for us: 3 colleagues celebrated their 25th anniversary. Joining STÖGER AUTOMATION just one year after the company was founded, they have been supporting the STÖGER team with their dedication for 25 years already. Congratulations and a belated thanks to them as well!

From left to right: Peter Rudrich, head of the feed unit assembly team, Klaus Hill, head of after-sales service, Elisabeth and Lorenz Stöger, Wolfgang Huber, head of production

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