Generation change at STÖGER AUTOMATION

In July 2021, company founder and managing director Lorenz Stöger has handed over the management of the company into the hands of a new management team in order to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. However, he can't quite leave it at that, and so he is still available to the company as a technical advisor and provider of ideas, if desired.

Together with Hanns Peter Spaniol, who has been a member of the STÖGER AUTOMATION management team since 2018, his two sons Stefan Stöger as managing director and Martin Stöger as authorised officer have made up the new management team since July.

Company founder Lorenz Stöger (on the right ) hands over the key to success to his two sons Stefan Stöger (managing director) and Martin Stöger (authorised officer) and Hanns Peter Spaniol (managing director) (from left to right).

The new management team at a glance

Stefan Stöger has already been with the company for 6 years. After his apprenticeship as a banker and his studies in industrial engineering and IT management, he joined the company and was particularly responsible for the modernisation of the IT landscape and the optimisation of the ERP system, positioning the company well in these areas. In his new position as Managing Director, he will focus on digitisation and optimise internal organisational processes in the areas of IT & ERP, production, materials management and quality assurance.

After apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic with a major German vehicle manufacturer, Martin Stöger completed his master craftsman's certificate to become a master craftsman in metalworking. Since joining the family business, he has taken on various tasks in production, setting the course for an efficient and high-performance future. As authorised officer, he is responsible for the entire area of training and production, where he will drive forward modernisation and digitisation.

Hanns Peter Spaniol gained many years of experience in managing German medium-sized companies before joining the company in 2018. Over the past 3 years, he has been preparing for the generational change. As a link between the old and new generation, he is mainly responsible for the areas of finance and sales.

The plans of the new management

The new management takes over a healthy company, which stands on a structurally and technologically very solid foundation. Nevertheless, the challenges of the current times also require STÖGER AUTOMATION to rethink in all areas. Starting with the vision, through a progressive corporate and management culture, to a new self-image of the company's own positioning and marketing. The focus of further development is above all on the needs of customers and market partners who are looking for innovative products and holistic solutions. Against this backdrop, the new management is tackling ambitious goals together with the 110 employees.

Digital transformation to be a key area of activity

The focus of activities is on digital transformation, both internally and toward our customers and business partners. With the so-called digital workplace, employees are to have a central work platform where all relevant data, information and applications are available regardless of where they are. The intranet is to be expanded into Mobile Workplace 4.0. The focus will be on agile practices, collaboration tools and employee self-organisation. The establishment of uniform structures in the PLM and ERP systems, collaboration platforms and end-to-end data consistency will also benefit our customers and partners, who will be able to obtain information about our services and products on the move, access data on their products online, download the latest software or documents and, last but not least, communicate with us.

Further development of the product portfolio with a focus on robotic applications

In addition to robotic systems for lightweight construction and systems for human-robot collaboration, we want to further expand the business areas of battery screw connections in the automotive industry and cleanroom applications in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Here we can build on and further expand existing innovative developments. New technologies such as 3D printing are to be used to a greater extent. Corresponding test series in cooperation with the Chair of Project Development and Lightweight Construction (LPL) at the TUM (Technical University of Munich) have already been launched in 2020 for this purpose.

The digitization of screwdriving systems is another field we intend to work on more intensively in the future. Digital functions should provide customers with further advantages in terms of quality and process reliability. This includes the expansion of our consulting and services both in the evaluation and design of automated customer systems and the after-sales business.

In order to achieve these goals internationally, STÖGER AUTOMATION will be working on a new sales structure in the future with a stronger focus on the US and Asian markets. Certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AOC), which we achieved in 2020, was the first important step in this direction. This classifies us as a particularly trustworthy and reliable partner in the international trade of goods.

Committed to the headquarter in Königsdorf and our employees

When we moved into our own new building in 2011, we set the course for resource-conserving use of raw materials and minimisation of waste and pollutants. We are building on this. With the certification according to EMAS and the introduction of the management system for safety and health according to DIN ISO 45001, we underpin our striving for a good working atmosphere. The expansion of the company premises, scheduled for 2022, with the addition of a further building to house production and office space, is also being planned with energy-efficient, resource-saving aspects in mind - also and especially for our employees. As an attractive employer in the local region, we rely on ergonomic workplaces, home office offerings, flexible working hours, e-bikes, a company pension scheme and our own canteen, to name just a few of the benefits.

As you can see: We have a lot planned! We look forward to breaking new ground with you and developing the company into an internationally respected and valued technology leader.

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