STÖGER AUTOMATION has been AEO certified!

On December 14th, 2020 STÖGER AUTOMATION GmbH was granted the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F). This status can be obtained by companies that comply with all security requirements of customs processes. This involves the entire supply chain – from the manufacturer via the dealer, forwarder, customs agent to the recipient of the goods. Due to the simplified customs procedure, our customers and partners profit from a faster customs clearance and thus an expedited transport of goods. Moreover, the certified safeguarding of the supply chain is aimed at preventing the uncontrolled supply of arms and the support of terror related organisations. Customs authorities control certified companies regularly to ascertain whether the criteria and requirements of the AEO status continue to be fulfilled. That is why AEO certified companies are regarded as particularly safe and trustworthy.

Highest requirements with respect to security

Having obtained the status AEO-F (Full), STÖGER complies with the highest requirements of the World Customs Organisation. This involves the simplification of customs according to the AEO-C standard as well as the safety relevant requirements according to the AEO-S standard. The security aspect is of special importance to STÖGER, as we supply renowned international companies that pay particular attention to secure supply chains.

The preparations for AEO approval were extremely demanding, involving building conversion measures as well as implementing new processes and restructuring existing ones. We have redrafted operating procedures and installed an access control via transponder chip and biometric data. Not only could we fulfil all AEO requirements but we have equally been able to increase our internal security. Thus, custom-related delays in international trade as well as security measures can be reduced considerably due to the strict AEO requirements.

Effective risk management for customs

The AEO status was created by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) in order to simplify worldwide trade and monetary transactions and make these more secure. In view of the continuing globalisation and the changing international security situation the AEO status creates the basis for a modern and effective risk management in customs processes.

This status can be obtained by EU-based companies with international trade and has been possible since January 2008. The AEO status is valid in all EU member states and in Switzerland, Norway, Japan, The United States and China.

Currently more than 6,400 companies in Germany hold the AEO status. Of these, 2,640 companies have the status AEO-F, STÖGER now being one of them!

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