STÖGER victory for the 3rd year running!

As in previous years the STÖGER team participated again this year in the regional company run to defend their title for having the highest percentage of staff members participating.

The district’s competition, “Oberland Firmenlauf”, was held for the 9th time this year and is meanwhile a fixed date in the calendar of many companies, schools and organisations of the area. This year no less than 2,900 participants had enrolled to run the 5.3 km distance on June 17th.

The race started at 7 pm in perfect weather conditions. The runners were encouraged by applauding and cheering spectators. The first of 57 STÖGER runners finished after 23:04 minutes. In the end STÖGER AUTOMATION succeeded in winning the trophy for the 3rd time in a row, thus ensuring that the challenge cup will remain with STÖGER for good and will be on display in a special place in our entrance hall.

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