Testing lab at STÖGER

We at STÖGER focus on the best possible customer service. Our service thus begins before submitting a quotation,  by testing newly developed screwdrivers, for instance, and does not just end with the commissioning of the machine.

Our own testing lab with vast possibilities for analyses complements the STÖGER service range, offering  the means to carry out and document machine capability and screw joint analysis, strategy investigations for screwdriving processes and torque tests. Our lab is equipped with high-performance computers, advanced measuring equipment and a high-speed camera.

The machine capability analysis documents how the screwdriver responds to the quality requirements, e.g. how close the measured torque value is to the default value. The recorded data are processed and documented for the customer.

For the screw joint analysis we carry out screw joint tests on the customer’s work piece. The  screwdriving process is recorded  graphically and analysed, providing the required parameters for establishing  an efficient screwdriving process and designing the optimum machine for reliable series production.

Our customer receives documentation describing the experimental setup and its results in detail. He can thus be sure that the machine meets his requirements and can likewise check and optimise the quality of the work piece, where necessary.

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