SPATZ - STÖGER Pick&Place screwdriving robot with automatic tool change and feed unit for fasteners

for new opportunities in plant layouts

The customer's wish to screw several screws together with one system was previously only feasible with high development costs due to technical obstacles and was therefore associated with high costs. This results from the different screw geometries, which require different mouthpieces or feed hose diameters. Due to their geometry, some elements can not be fed via a tube. The STÖGER SPATZ is offered in two standard construction sizes. Ohter sizes on request.

STÖGER AUTOMATION has developed a solution for this requirement and thought one step further.

The SPATZ (STÖGER Pick&Place Screwdriving Robot with automatic tool change and feed system for fasteners) is a modular screwdriving automat that can automatically switch between several screwdriving tools. This is made possible by operation on a lightweight robot, which can teach all sequence positions with a newly developed, intuitive operator software. This means that, in addition to screwdriving, other tasks such as placing workpieces, setting boards, pins, balls, gripping components ... are also possible. There are hardly any limits to the planning of the plant design.

The advantages of the system are obvious:

  • Cost-effective
  • Space saving
  • Time-saving, since manual machine conversions are no longer necessary or upstream or downstream activities can be integrated
  • Further functions can be integrated, e.g. gripping, assembling, setting, etc.
  • Up to 15 screwdriving programs possible at the same time
  • New possibilities in plant design
  • Simple system expansion
  • Easy programming thanks to special software
  • Screwdriving and handling in all positions possible


The device

The system consists of the following components:

  • Screwdriving unit with drive and tool holder with quick release. The Desoutter drives ERSX and ECSF/ERSF are used as standard. Other drives can also be used on request. The standard robot is a UR3e / UR5e / UR10e / UR16e (depending on the application). However, the system can also be operated on any other robot.
  • One or more tools with tool station
  • At least one feed unit with internal or external supply unit. The number of feed units is determined by the number of different screws. Whether the supply unit is internal or external is determined by the system layout. For example, if space is limited at the handling location, an external supply unit can be used.
  • Encoder for checking the correct tool removal / parking position
  • Operating software for the robot

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Tool change

The tool is automatically locked or unlocked in the tool station. After removal, an encoder uses the code on the tool to check whether the correct tool has been removed. This prevents the tool from being mistaken. If the tools are exchanged, e.g. by manual manipulation, an error message is issued on the operating panel of the robot and the robot stops. This also counteracts manual manipulations.

Applications and layout design

The modular structure on the one hand and the implementation of various tools and activities on the other hand open up new possibilities for the plant layout. The example shows a system with 3 tools: 2 different screwdriving tools and one gripping tool. One screw is picked up in an external supply unit, the other screw directly at the feed unit. An encoder checks the correct tool removal and return. Thanks to the UR robot, the STÖGER SPATZ is very easy to operate.

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